How do you write a song?

For me, there is no science behind it

There are many ways to write a song. Let’s find your way. Are you experiencing a strong emotion that you just need to process? Usually, that is what I start with. What notes on a piano, what chords on a guitar, what melody created vocally matches the emotion? and then, can you dare to just begin singing words..words before they are formed into clear sentences? Try it…just see where that takes you. Find the words..they are there. Or, does a profound line come to mind randomly, while you are processing an experience, or considering a unique perspective on circumstances? It may be the essence you are looking for…the seed of a song. Capture that in a journal. Capture that on your recorder function of your cell phone. Unique melody you are humming…capture that. These are the elements of your song about to be born; the materials, that you will be sculpting. And is there a sense within you of when these elements have come together like a puzzle? you know when they fit..and you will know when you are forcing them…don’t bend the edges of the puzzle pieces. let them find their place in their time, giving voice to that part of you that longs to connect through song.