At 13 years old, I picked up my mother’s baritone uke, and began creating songs. I would sing to the woods, the creek, the ocean, the wind, the moon and stars, my dogs, friends and family. For my fourteenth birthday, my parents bought me my Yamaha classical, which after much thought, I named “Malachi,” or “Mac” for short. Mac and I debuted at a bar called “Clawsons” in the historic, port town of Beaufort, North Carolina, instantly gaining a few fans. The majority of these fans were with a traveling circus, but before they moved on to the next town, they agreed that I sang “like a damn angel.”

I have since added a colorful guitar, “Party Girl” who went on my Great Western Adventure of 2011. “Party Girl” sadly met her demise on a sugarcane plantation just outside of New Orleans on our way back to Atlanta, after playing in California and all about Austin, Texas. She is now a memorial to that epic journey. Fortunately I also have “Goldie,” a fine SantaCruz, pre-war orchestra model acoustic, and “Comrad” a baritone uke, from Caroline Street Music in Key West. Both are ready to perform with me anytime, anywhere to anyone. From Duval Street, to a Sailboat under the full moon, cafe’s, bars, outdoor markets and festivals, in institutions and out on streets across the U.S. I truly ride this musical adventure wherever it will take me. But one of my favorite opportunities (besides playing under the full moon on a 76′ Schooner in Key West,) was playing for fifth graders at a public school cafeteria just outside of Atlanta.

Writing and singing has always been my way to express whatever my heart is trying to process. It is such a joy when I can connect with those that are listening, and know that we have shared this experience on some level.

I believe in the power of music to bring about change in the hearts of individuals, to raise understanding across differences of gender, belief and all other human boundaries, and ultimately to make a positive impact on society.

Thank you for listening.


Teel entertains all audiences and performs for bars, coffee shops, private events, churches, schools, and assited living homes. Teel will perform anywhere in the world for you!

Through the Finders Keepers project, Teel works with children, adults, anyone who would like a little support to create a song.  Read more about the Finders Keepers project here

From under the full moon on a schooner in Key West to a school cafeteria, Teel will perform for your special event or group for a delightful and memorable occasion.